The best deer stalking & hunting in Scotland

Keen hunters travel from every corner of the globe to visit the Highlands of Perthshire which is known to have some of the best deer stalking in Scotland.

Perthshire is a well-established sporting destination that offers visitors outstanding sporting experiences in some of the world's most stunning and dramatic landscapes.

From majestic red stags to fallow, roe, hinds and spotted sika, we work with only the best estates in Scotland to bring you one of the most memorable experiences you will ever have in your hunting career.

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  • Red stags: 1st July – 20th October

  • Red hinds: 21st October – 15th February

  • Sika stags: 1st July – 20th October

  • Sika hinds: 21st October – 15th February

  • Fallow bucks: 1st August – 30th April

  • Fallow does: 21st October – 15th February

  • Roe bucks: 1st April – 20th October

  • Roe does: 21st October – 31st March


Game Shooting

Here at Balnakeilly we can arrange some fantastic walked up, driven or rough game bird and game animal shooting just for you and your guests.

We can organise mixed species days where a team will enjoy the ultimate in walked up sport. You will aim to bag a number of species from different habitats and will walk up as well as stand for a mini drive to perhaps shoot ducks lifting from a pond.

If it’s timed right, you and your team can shoot up to 12 different species depending on your experience. Breaks for lunch and refreshments are included and each gun could expect to shoot 10 to 15 heads of game each.

Here in Scotland, walked up grouse shooting is very popular but can be demanding as teams are required to walk long distances over heather and moor. The team will usually walk in a well-spaced out line with beaters in between, stopping each time a bird has been shot to allow the dogs to retrieve it. Everyone has to be prepared for changeable weather but lunch and perhaps a dram of whisky will keep you warm and refreshed.

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  • Grouse: 12th August – 10th December

  • Ptarmigan: 12th August – 10th December

  • Blackgame: 20th August – 10th December

  • Common snipe: 12th August – 31st January

  • Jack snipe: Protected

  • Woodcock: 1st September – 31st January

  • Duck & goose, inland: 1st September – 31st January

  • Duck & goose – below MHW: 1st September – 20th February

Ground game

  • Mountain hare: 1st August to 28th/29th February

  • Brown hare: 1st October to 31st January

  • Rabbit: 1st January to 31st December

Please note: moorland and unenclosed land is subject to a close season.


Fishing on the River Tay

Perthshire offers some of the very best in fly fishing for wild Scottish salmon on the River Tay and its tributaries. Fishing on one of the beautiful local beats can be arranged along with equipment hire, tuition and boats. 

We work closely with two fishing beats, the Dalmarnock beat situated two miles upstream of Dunkeld which has over 15 named pools with superb fly and spinning water and Dalguise, which has nine named pools.  

Both offer unmatched fishing experiences with skilful ghillies set against a backdrop of Scottish wildlife, plants and flowers. 

We can personally recommend a full-days fishing experience with a Spey cast ghillie out on the river. This includes a fishing permit, equipment and the chance to catch the fish of a lifetime. 

Our two trusted ghillies are Jim Fisher and Corin Smith.

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Bring your dog

We love dogs at Balnakeilly House and we know how important it is for you to bring your best friend on your holiday.

We do take a small damage deposit of £100 that will be refunded to you on your departure.

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Packed Lunches

When you’re out and about walking, stalking, fishing or just after a long drive you will need something to replenish your energy stores. We can arrange snacks, refreshments or a slap up lunch or dinner for your arrival back at Balnakeilly House.

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Bite bag

We can also provide a Balnakeilly Bite Bag, £10, which includes hand-cut sandwiches, crisps, fruit, juices, water, sweet treats and tea or coffee as well as packed lunches made to order to enjoy on the hill.